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Trackers are regularly being updated 1-2 times per week. If you are interested in special situations/event driven investing, please be sure to check out the trackers regularly. The blog aggregator is also an interesting lunchtime stop.

We’ve had several shareholders reach out to us over the past couple of weeks regarding the domain. We are still exploring all avenues to realizes the best monetization of the domain. The domain investing space is definitely the first asset class that comes to mind when one thinks of value investing, so we wanted to share one resource we have been using to help us get an idea of how to think about the domain:

How to Value Generic Domain Names – With Andrew Rosener

Part of what we are trying to do short term is add content to the domain (like trackers, news, etc.) to help drive traffic. Increased traffic increases the value of the domain (so share the site on social media)!


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