Wage & Severance Claims | Selling a Wage Claim

Can you sell wage and severance claims?


Wage and severance claims are created when a company files for bankruptcy but has not yet paid all of its employees their accrued wages. Generally, like all claims involved in a bankruptcy proceeding, wage and severance claims are not paid until the estate is liquidated or the plan of reorganization is effective. This process can take years and ex-employees are not guaranteed to get all of their entitled wages and benefits.

If you are, or were, an employee of an organization that filed for bankruptcy, consider selling your claim for cash now.  Many services will help you file your claim, but few will actually purchase it.

How to sell your wage and severance claim

  1. Collect information about your claim: a pay stub or employment agreement that explains your wages and benefits is sufficient. You will also want to determine how many days elapsed between your last paycheck and when the company filed for bankruptcy.
  2. File a proof of claim form with the appropriate bankruptcy docket. You will need the information collected in step 1 as evidence of your claim. If you are interested in selling your wage and severance claim, we can help you with filing.
  3. Reach out to our funding page to sell your wage claim. Include the name of the bankrupt entity, the claim amount, and whether you have filed a proof of claim form. We’ll get back to you, generally within 24 hours.
  4. If we reach terms and a price agreeable to both parties, we sign a contract transferring the claim and you receive cash!

We generally do not charge fees and can help with filing your proof of claim.  Instead of charging fees we facilitate a purchase of a claim at a price that provides an appropriate return on investment.

Have a wage and severance claim to sell? We buy them- visit our funding page to inquire.