Mechanic’s Liens | Selling a Mechanic’s or Contractor’s Lien

Can you sell a mechanic’s lien?


A mechanic’s lien, also called a contractor’s lien or a construction lien, is a lien against a property for work completed and material provided by a contractor. Every state is different, but generally a mechanic’s lien must be filed against the property on a certain time line. Once filed the lien becomes perfected, which means that property now secures the lien. In most cases the lien accrues interest and the lien holder eventually becomes entitled to foreclose on the property.

If you are a contractor who has performed work and has not been paid, you have a right to file a mechanic’s lien against the property you improved. Although there are many services online that will help you file a mechanic’s lien, we will can help you sell them to realize cash sooner.

How to sell your mechanic’s lien

  1. Collect information about your lien: address, worked performed, and cost.  The best way to do this is to get the invoice.
  2. Perfect the lien. Every state is different, but the lien must generally be perfected at the town or county assessor’s office.  The owner of the property must be notified.
  3. Reach out to our funding page to sell your mechanic’s lien.  Include the address of the property, the lien amount, and whether you have perfected the lien.  We will get back to you for more information to get you a price.
  4. If we reach terms and a price agreeable to both parties, we sign a contract transferring the claim and you receive cash!

We generally do not charge fees and can help with filing and perfecting the lien.  Instead of charging fees we facilitate a purchase of a lien at a price that provides an appropriate return on investment.

Have a construction lien to sell? We buy them- visit our funding page to inquire.