Modified Dutch Tender Auctions

Ticker Name Date added Press Release Notes
ALCO Alico, Inc 9/7/2018 Link Alico tendering for $20M of shares at $34/sh
TRI Thomson Reuters 8/29/2018 Link Purchasing $9B of stock in the range of $42-47/sh
DEX Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend and Income Fund 8/27/2018 Link Self TO to purchase 3,165,810 share (20%) at 98% of NAV
SWZ Swiss Helvetia Fund 8/27/2018 Link Purchase up to 65% of shares at 98% of NAV AFTER 36% dividend in shares
GSB GlobalSCAPE 8/17/2018 Link Dutch TO for $15M at $4-$4.50. Open for 20 days.
BDVC Business Development Corp 8/17/2018 Link Closed 7/16/2018. Approx 20.8M shares tendered, 2.3M accepted at $8.26/sh
BBDC Baring BDC 8/8/2018 Link Tending for $50M of shares at $10.20-$11.72. Expires 9/6/2018.
QCOM Qualcomm 7/31/2018 Link Repurchase $10B at $60-67.5. Expires midnight ET 8/27/2018
MTEX Mannatech 7/25/2018 Link Closed 6/15/2018. Repurchse $16M shares at $18.50-21/share
PTSI PAM Transportation Services 7/25/2018 Link Closed 6/7/2018. Repurchase 100,000 shares at $39-43/share
CLAR Claurs Corporation 7/25/2018 Link Closed 6/5/2018. Repurchase $7.2M at $6.60-$7.20/share
ABBV AbbVie 7/25/2018 Link Closed 5/29/2018. Repurchase $7.5B at $99-$114/share
CIT CIT Group 7/25/2018 Link Closed. Repurchased $500M at $50-56/share
HLF Herbalife 7/25/2018 Link Closed 5/16/2018. Repurchase $600M at $98-$108/share
WTM White Mountain Insurance 7/25/2018 Link Closed 5/7/2018. Repurchase 500k shares at $825-$875/share
WHR Whirlpool 7/25/2018 Link Closed 4/25/2018. $1B at $150-170/share
CTG Computer Task Group 7/25/2018 Link Closed 4/16/2018. 1.5M shares at $8.05-$9.00