Contingent Value Rights


Ticker Name Website Date Added Notes
APRI Apricus Biosciences Link 7/28/2018
Merge with Seelos Therapeutics. New company will trade on NASDAQ as SEEL. APRI will have 14% of merged company + 1 CVR
MAR Marret Resource Corp Link 7/31/2018
1 MAR share = 1 new share and 1 CVR. 1 new share = 0.53 OR 7.62 warrants. CVR is a contingent cash entitlement with respect of Cline Mining Corp
STDY SteadyMedical Link 7/25/2018 Includes additional milestone payment of $2.63
SHLM A. Schulman Link 7/25/2018 Includes CVR
JNX Junex Link 7/25/2018 New offer for $0.42 cash or $0.40+CVR
ESND Essendant Link 7/25/2018 Offer by Genuine Parts Company for $12 +CVR
ANDV Andeavor 7/25/2018 Acquired at $152.27 LESS a “proration mechanism”
GSAT GlobalStar 7/25/2018
GlobalStar combining with Thermo Acquisitions. Both controlled by James Monroe