Trackers Updated & New Book Review

Hi all,

Great news- our trackers have been update with new special situations that have come on our radar. Please stop by regularly as we are always updating these and slowly adding more content to the site.  We’ve also posted a new book review for Classics: An Investor’s Anthology edited by Charles Ellis and James Vertin.  If you love reading origin sources from the greatest minds in investing then you will enjoy this book.

Trackers Updated

Hi all,

As promised- returning visitors to will find updated information on special situations.  We just updated the trackers with some mergers, a dutch tender offer, some more SPACs, and a few contingent value rights situations.

You will also notice our news feed. We have the main News feature which is streaming RSS feeds from our favorite investor blogs and investor podcasts. You will also find an SEC feed as well.

Stay tuned for a new section of Investment Resources which will feature ideas from the small cap, distressed, and special situations space.


Thomas & Brian

Our first book review!

Hi all,

You will see change a lot in the future as we build out the site and explore a sale of the domain. Part of building out the site is adding content. We just added our first book review of Maurece Shiller’s book Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market. This is an investing classic- please find it under “Book Reviews” at the top of your screen and pick up a copy for yourself!

Dear Fellow Shareholders (and others!)

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

We have some die hard shareholders that have supported us as we rebuild the company.  Now that we have the domain up and running we’ve added a link to Amazon through its affiliate program.  If you have an Amazon purchase coming up, consider stopping by first and passing through our ad so we can earn some credit!

We also encourage anyone with a blog or web page to write us up and link to us. Traffic is good!

Lastly, we’d love some original content (and we will be adding some from us). If you’d like to write about your adventure as a shareholder, we would love to share it on the site.   In addition, if you have any other interesting investment news or analysis to share we would also love to put that up as well.

Reach out at


Thanks!- Thomas & Brian